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Lancacter, PA Hot Air Balloon rides.

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US Hot Air Balloon Rides in Lancaster, PA
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US Hot Air Balloon Team and Rides in Lancaster, PA

US Hot Air Balloon Team

Lancaster, PA 17603


Simplicity is romantic. Let simplicity help you fall in love with
life again. Board your hot air balloon in Bird in Hand, and view
the rural sites of Intercourse, New Holland, Strasburg, Ephrata,
and the Reading skyline. Join us in a hot air balloon where two
worlds collide in a harmonious blend of old and new. The Amish
community of Lancaster County continues to live in old-world
fashion shunning modern conveniences and opting instead for a
simple life of farming, family and church. The countryside of
Lancaster County is a life-like museum open everyday to passers
by. To the west and south, views of the Susquehanna River,
Harrisburg, York, and the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay come
into view.

Come aboard your hot air balloon to begin your day as the sun
rises over the beautiful quilt patterned farmland. View the
morning awakening of this unique community as they prepare their
horses to work the fields and each family member attends to their
chores. With horses racing beneath your hot air balloon and
children chasing you barefoot in the fields you can’t help but
smell the sweet aroma of Lancaster county’s fresh air. As your
balloon ride comes to an end, prepare to meet many of the farmers
as they run to help with the landing of your hot air balloon.
Enjoy this timeless wonder from a divine view of a hot air
balloon. Amish country is spectacular from a hot air balloon in
every season.

Your hot air balloon pilot and crew are your doorway to explore
the views, sites, and scenery of Lancaster county. From the time
you arrive your hosts will be involved to enhance your hot air
balloon experience, assure your safe flight, and create life long
memories. This is truly world class hot air ballooning.

The Lancaster County hot air balloon rides are specially priced at
$199 per person. Special Promotion Price of $174.00 per person.
Limited time offer.

Couples only and Private group flights are available from this
location. Call for details and rates.

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Lancaster County Hot Air Balloon Rides In The Heart Of Amish Country

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