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About Manheim, Lancaster County PA!

Manheim, Pa lies north of Lancaster City on route 72. The tract of land on which it stands was a grant from William Penn, and was eventually purchased by Henry William Stiegel who came from Cologne, Germany. Stiegel became associated with Elizabeth Furnance. He married the ironmaster’s daughter and eventually became a partner and accumulated a great deal of wealth. Stiegel laid out the town and opened a glassmaking plant. Although he was initially successful, and the advances in glassmaking had a lasting effect on American glass, the plant closed after ten years. His wealth led locals to dub him “Baron Stiegel”. Eventually he lost all of his businesses and took up teaching. Earlier he had had schools built for the children of his workers. He gave the ground for Trinity Lutheran Church and asked only for “one red rose a year” in payment. This custom is still carried out each year when a Stiegel descendant comes for the rose.

Visit the Manheim Borough website here: Manheim Borough

Manheim Borough Offfices:

15 East High Street,
Manheim, PA 17545


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