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About Mount Joy, Lancaster County PA!


Mount Joy, PA, an attractive borough that was settled by the Scots-Irish 150 years ago, has a remarkable restaurant called Bube’s Brewery and Catacombs. The mid 1800s saw an increased interest in German style lager beer. A brewery boom followed, and German immigrant, Alois Bube, began to work in beer making and eventually bought a small brewery in Mount Joy, PA. Later he added a Victorian hotel. Bube’s brewery is one of the few lager breweries still standing and is undergoing restoration. A great place to dine, the brewery offers several well-appointed dining experiences, including service in the stone-walled catacombs, 43 feet below the street.

Mount Joy is named after Lord Mountjoy, an English military man sent by Queen Elizabeth I to subdue the Irish Chieftains in the 16th century. Confusion sometimes exists because of the incorrect appellation Mt. Joy.

Central Hotel Mounty Joy
Central Hotel Mount Joy, PA

Bubes Brewery Mounty Joy
A. Bubes Brewery Mount Joy, PA

Mount Joy Websites of interest:

Main Street Mount Joy

Mount Joy Borough

Mount Joy Chamber

Mount Joy Borough Offices

21 East Main Street
Mount Joy, PA 17552
Phone: 717-653-2300


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