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PA Dutch, About PA Dutch in Lancaster County Pennsylvania!

Amish horse & buggy in the PA Dutch country of Lancaste, PA.Lancaster County Pennsylvania is often referred to by tourists and visitors as the PA Dutch Country. The word “dutch” is a variation of “Deutsch” or German. The rural areas are farmed for the most part by the descendants of the early German and Swiss settlers, although there was also an influx of immigrants from Great Britain. Visitors traveling along Lancaster’s country roads frequently observe Amish and Mennonite buggies coming and going. These are the “plain people”. There are also farmers called ”English” who are descendants of Lutheran and Reformed immigrants. You can easily tell if a farm is an Amish farm, because there will not be any power lines going to the property. That's right, the Amish and some of the stricter Mennonites don't use electricity or telephones. If you come across an Amish country store you will find oil lamps and kerosene heaters for sale.

The Amish are very modest and the men and boys dress in traditional all black suits made without zippers. Shirts are made with brightly colored materials. Single Amish men do not grow beards and if you see them with a young woman on a date they will always be in an open buggy, never in the traditional covered Amish buggy used by families. You'll always know if an Amish man is married because he'll have a beard. Amish men do not grow mustaches, because as members of a pacifist sect they consider mustaches reminiscent of the European military. Amish women wear traditional long dresses with aprons and white head covernings.

PA Dutch covered bridge in Lancaster county PA.Tourists should be cautioned that while the Amish can be friendly when you may encounter them it is against their traditions to have their photos taken.

You can visit working farms in the old order Amish tradition and one room school houses; even eat at many local restaurants that feature the food of the Plain People.

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Amish farmer plowing the fields on a PA Dutch Country farm.

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