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Root's is a single family owned farmers market that sells anything you can imagine. Local family farmers sell Root's Market-Entrance Signfresh produce, baked goods, candy, clothing, homemade arts and crafts, and many other great Lancaster County products. Root's has great food stands as well. Don't miss Finks Fries, they are the best in the area! You know what would go great with those fries? A Brotys Pit Beef sandwich, with sweet barbque sauce and some horseradish.

Root's has over 200 hundred stands, with all kinds of jewelery, antiques, handmade furniture, and many other antiques. So, when you're in Lancaster County come on down to Root's and have a great time with the family.


Root's Market- Main Building

Root's Market-Purse Stand

Root's Market-Flag Stand

Root's Market-Solid Oak Folding Tables

Root's Market-Fresh Grown Produce

Root's Market-Colorful Flowers

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